Henry Borchers:

> I have some doubts about a file being digitized at true 24-bit. 
> The file says 24-bit but I?m not sure how to verify it. Is there 
> a way of verifying a file to see if it?s truly 24-bit and not 16-bit 
> conversion in a 24-bit file?

Yes, you need to use a bitscope to see which bits toogle or are 
stuck with no activity in them.

I use an ADT, England, Digital line tester where you can see the 
status of the AES/EBU user bits and you can also manipulate 
those bits any way you wish.

I have modified it so I can also use it as a bitscope which can be 
very useful as in the past there were many pieces of didgital 
equipment that claimed to be 24 bits but could be anywhere from 
true 24 bits down to 16 bits.

The Valley Audio 730 Comp/limiter stated 24 bis but was in fact 
a 16 bit device only.

There are many more devices that you can use as a bitscope from
 Prism and many manufacturers that sell you software has a bitcope 

If you are handy you can even build your own as is shown here:

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