When searching a massive collection like where you're not sure exactly where to look might I suggest using Google's "site search." Using Google enter "search term" and you will find every page on where that search term is located. Someone mentioned performer "Ray Bourbon" - I tried that and came up with 785 hits at The archives own search features are pretty clunky but this works every time. And, of course, this approach can be used on any site.

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With, you get what you pay for. I'd say you get a little bonus with that group because they appear to be relatively well-funded and well-connected, so they are not likely to just disappear one day.

Chris Brady, if you want something exactly to your specification, beggars can't be choosers. You'll need to fund your own archive.

I have uploaded stuff to and don't like their uploading system, and I really don't like that they don't have professional oversight of the metadata, it's just a user-entered "groupsource" 
cluster-you-know-what. This makes searching unreliable and descriptions sometimes useless. I always get the sense that there's a goldmine of stuff I'm interested in buried in but I'll never have the patience to find it because it's mis-filed, mis-described or uploaded incorrectly. 
But it's free and there's a ton of interesting information up there, sprinkled with plenty of junk and porn. Like the rest of the interwebs.

-- Tom Fine

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> The volunteer group I've worked with for awhile, the Old Time Radio
> Researcher's Group, uses as the permanent home of their
> "certified" radio series - they make new transfers of discs or early
> generation tapes and try to find the best existing copy of shows in a
> series and put the resulting files there.
> also has partnerships with libraries that are digitizing books
> and other materials at the site.
> I uploaded some collections of audio related to a 30s-60s gay nightclub
> performer, Ray Bourbon, to some time ago as well as three
> documentaries I produced in the 1990s.  I'm happy with it as a public home
> for this digital material.
> Since users can upload material, some spam gets through, but does come down
> eventually.
> I'd say it's still the best option.
> Randy
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> Randy A. Riddle
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> On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 7:40 PM, Tim Stamps <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> My take on this is that is still the best option.
>> The fact that they have been overtaken by spam means they
>> need a spring-cleaning. If enough people write in with complaints,
>> I am sure they will comply as best they can.  Any other public site is
>> bound to fall victim as well - after all, it *is* the internet.
>> For a perpetually free-from-spam site, you may need to look for
>> one that requires logins, or even paid registrations or subscriptions
>> but that would certainly limit your audience significantly.
>> A subscription site like ARSC would be a good option, if they
>> were interested in setting up an online archive site for members.
>> Tim S.
>> On May 19, 2014, at 11:38 AM, CJB wrote:
>> > I have a number of archival recordings both sound and video to upload
>> > to archive sites in perpetuity - or for as long as the Internet
>> > exists.
>> >
>> > I thought of YouTube - however its is not audio file friendly, it
>> > appends adverts, and there is a LOT of junk on there. Also being owned
>> > by Google it is subject to ephemeral whims as to which files are
>> > allowed to remain and which are summarily removed.
>> >
>> > Then I thought that would be a good option. Its easy to
>> > upload files, metadata can be added, it does not carry advertising,
>> > and once uploaded a file is converted into numerous forts, and there
>> > is also a  number of download options. BUT ... I have now found that
>> > there are considerable uploads of porn material and files advertising
>> > the services of prostitutes etc. such as Indian woman in Dubai (FGS).
>> >
>> > So do folks here know of other reliable - and importantly porn free -
>> > serious archive sites?
>> >
>> > Thanks -
>> >
>> > Chris B.