Well, maybe, but I canít fit a tube system and a big Klipschorn into my car. And with the potholes, the record skips a lot when Iím driving Ö.

I find the sound on Sirius a good deal below optimal, but I grew up listening to a lot of music on my grandmotherís shortwave radio at night, or on AM broadcasts on old car radios. And I still listen to a lot of stuff like that (the shortwave broadcast of Toscaniniís Salzburg Fidelio, for instance, or the Mapleson cylinders). Youíre right that Sirius compresses too much, and thereís nothing you can do to fix that, but so did a lot of 78s and even LPs. Playing around with the equalization can turn it from unlistenable to tolerable or more so.

I suspect that for many of us, our reference sound is what we heard in our early teens.


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> As someone who has listened to tubes pretty their entire life ó I find that Sirius is unlistenable. It's shrill ó Compressed and tinny. Most stations clearly use compressed digital files and the radios themselves sound like crap. But I guess it's OK if you gew up listening to music on an iPod or smart phone.

> A good Victor 78 from 1929 played through tubes beats it all to hell.