Alex Tomlin:

> Most dvd writers has cd text enabled and you can check this via nero 

This only says that you can WRITE CD text with a suitable program.

> But you're right that cd text is not a true standard and setup for
>  all units. Mostly its there but no method to display it.

NO method to DISPLAY it.

And that IS the problem with CD text.

> In computers the online databases essentially use the cd frames as 
> reference and not the cd text.  


And if you have no internet connection to the computer nothing will be 

> Eclipse made a very light piece of xp software that would show 
> the cd toc and cd text which is very handy.  

How do you explain to your customers why CD text do not work in 
computers  ?

Only those with extensive understanding of the problems have ever heard 
of Eclipse.

And even fewer have the money to buy anything from Eclipse.

> There is an itunes script too that can look up the cd text on the 
disc too. 

Normal people who by a disk with CD text on it does not know about 
this, unfortunately.

They just pop the CD into the optical drive and complains why they 
cannot see the CD text.

Best bet is still in a car CD player to see the CD text info.

And then we have the problem with the illegal characters.


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