Thanks so much for the forward. Amazingly, I was encouraged as it was the first time I had ever read a statement by the MLA that demonstrated they, or any other library organization, had any realization of some of the long-term implications of information existing only in digital form and the impact it will have on the functionalism of libraries.

Sadly, their perspective still seems to be myopic relative to the role of libraries in a democratic society. It's not "about libraries," but about public access to information (what kind of information, how much, etc.) and whether or not that access is a fundamental right of the individual in a free society. Is music just a product or "entertainment?" These days with the "democratization" of human expression, we just don't seem to make any distinction amongst art, our cultural heritage and entertainment. 

It also seemed interesting that the MLA response suggested that there are questions regarding preservation. So, what if the new "Godzilla" movie would not be made available on DVD and made available for streaming…should a library be allowed to stream it and store it…and, at what resolution…and what cost…assuming the film studio chose not to save it due to the costs of storage…Should libraries be given budgets to preserve the assets of a company…well, they already do that.

Interesting questions.


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