Many reasons to  not like FedEx. Ö AND on a newslist today, FedEx was listed as one of the worst tax cheats in the (American) corporate world:

"FedEx made $6 billion over the last three years and didnít pay a dime in federal income taxes, in part because the tax code subsidized its purchase of new planes. This gave FedEx a huge tax subsidy worth $2.1 billion."

NO MORE FEDEX for me... UPS forever.

Sorry, USPS, but that is another story...

But one caveat for the unaware: When having delicate but heavy devices packed by unknown personnel, they  - and you - need to know about what are the most delicate parts, and what MUST be designated as the top and the bottom. You don't want the entire machine dropped on the reel spindles and head stack! THIS SIDE UP is a good thing, but that also means the shipping label goes on the top!

Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

On May 30, 2014, at 2:19 PM, Tom Fine wrote:

Yes, and I dislike Fedex Ground. Because they have a stupid split between residential (Fedex Home) and business (Fedex Ground). Lord help you if your business has been misrouted into the Home system, because they won't deliver during business hours!

Anyway, at the top of the thread, I was talking about the expert packing at my local UPS STORE, not commenting on how UPS itself handles the packages. That said, neither UPS nor Fedex have ever screwed me over with a delivery. The US Postal Service is a whole other matter!

The local UPS Store lived up to its good name today. Family-owned business. Charged me only $20 to properly box and pack a 70-freakin-pound dinosaur of a U-Matic video machine. Saved from the dumpster, it's going to a video A-D transfer place.

-- Tom Fine