Cost is always a consideration on the one hand, but the cost of damage or
loss needs to be considered on the other.  For expensive equipment, I use
a flight case (used low-cost flight case from eBay) or have a crate made
(can be more cost-effective depending on who builds it for you).  Moving
companies can usually build crates.  Iıd recommend a crate or flight case
for anything heavy, which tends to get ³handled² (read ³tossed²) more

With a proper crate or flight case, your equipment will survive most any

Add plenty of ³Fragile², ³Delicate², and ³This Side Up² labels.

My favorite label is the ³Delicate Instruments² label, like this:

We ship enough equipment to justify a roll of these labels - doesnıt make
sense for a one-off shipment.

~ Eric


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On 5/30/14, 1:27 AM, "Jan Myren" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I have a Revox B77 MK2 that need some service and unfortunately there is
>no possibilities to optain that here at my place.
>Therefore I am asking if there is any possibilities to have an original
>box for the B77 somewhere, OR some GOOD advices for proper packing of a
>tape recorder machine so any damages may be avoided.
>All the best
>Jan Myren