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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Stokowski and percussion instruments

Aside from the very obvious exception of Bruno Walter,I don't believe there was much interest in Mahler before WWII.The 1940 (?) Dimitri Mitropolous Mahler with the NYPO is the only recording before the postwar period I am aware of.

Supposedly, by 1911 there had been about 260 performances of the Symphonies of Mahler. 

Pre WWII recordings...Checking a bit:

No.1 Walter-NBC 1939 (live); Mitropoulos-Minneapolis 1940
No.2 Fried-Berlin State Opera 1924; Ormandy-Minneapolis 1935
No.4 Konoye-Tokyo New Philharmonic 1930; Mengelberg-Concertgebouw 1939
No.5 Mahler-Welte Roll (1st mvnt.); Mengelberg-Concertgebouw (adagietto) 1926; Walter-Vienna Phil (adagietto) 1938
No.9 Walter-Vienna Phil (live) 1938