Other US performances: Stoki produced the American premiers of Das Lied and the 8th (five triumphant sold-out performances, establishing him as a major public figure) in Philadelphia in 1916. Reiner did 2, 4, and 7 (!) in Cincinnati in the '20s (and 1, 4, and Das Lied in Dresden during WW1).

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. As for "except for Bruno Walter" there wasn't much interest in  Mahler before World War II, Willem Mengelberg programmed and conducted Mahler  almost incessantly before the Nazis forbade him to do so, including with the New York Philharmonic between 1922/3 and 1930 and his 1920 Mahler Festival in Amsterdam; Frederick Stock conducted Mahler symphonies with the Chicago Symphony  as early as the 1906/7 season (Symphony no. 5) and 1930/1 and 1931/2 (Symphony  no. 7); and so on.
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Mahler  was played in the U.S. long before WW2. Recordings began with an acoustic  "Resurrection" on Polydor. Japanese Columbia had a recording of the Fourth  in 1929. Ormandy recorded the "Resurrection" for Victor in Minneapolis in  1935. Walter did both DAS LIED and the Ninth Symphony in Vienna in the  latter thirties.The Mahler First with Mitropoulos was also done in  Minneapolis.