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There is not much but there is more than that. I think a few songs were actually recorded while he was still alive, the Oskar Fried recording of the Second Symphony came out in 1924, and Ormandy recorded it in the 1930s.

According to the (wonderful) Mahler Discography by Fulup (spelling?) the first Mahler Discography came out in 1932; it was one page long, but still, thatís a page.

(Off topic.) All my messages come through with obvious translations of some characters. Anyone know how I can avoid this?


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> Aside from the very obvious exception of Bruno Walter=2CI don't believe the=
> re was much interest in Mahler before WWII.The 1940 (?) Dimitri Mitropolous=
> Mahler with the NYPO is the only recording before the postwar period I am =
> aware of.
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