This is dreadful news. I knew nothing about this or that I could harm any of you  I never meant harm to anyone.

  Don Tait




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At 05:45 PM 5/10/2014, Donald Tait wrote:
>I have used AOL since 2003, and except for the one case of my being 
>dropped from the ARSCLIST around 2006 "without its being done by human 
>beings" or whatever the message says that others have also reported (I 
>resubscribed and have had no subsequent problems), I have never 
>encountered the difficulties others have been reporting. AOL is a pain in 
>some ways, but evidently not in this one. My genuine sympathies to 
>everyone forced to cope with such an aggravation.

Unfortunately, by sending this message to the list from an address, 
you are causing other people to be dropped from the list.


Any mail sent via the list from a or address will now be 
bounced by most major ISP's.  It is these bounces that are causing people 
to be dropped from the list.  It's not their fault -- their mail servers 
are doing what yahoo and aol have told them to do.

I received your message because my mail server is deliberately configured 
to *not* perform the check which bounces these messages, but most list 
members don't have that option.

I only know of two solutions to this problem:
1) prevent all yahoo and aol users from posting to the list; or
2) configure the list server software to remove the sender's From address 
and replace it with the list address.

2 is undesirable because the list of messages in most email clients would 
no longer show the list subscriber who sent the message -- but it would 
solve the bounce problem.

-- John Chester

>   Don Tait
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>Try GoogleMail / GMail non-HTML version equiv. to Yahoo Neo Basic.
>Its brilliant. No probs at all.
>Chris B.

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