Indiana University Bloomington is seeking applicants for a processing and
quality control specialist position. A brief description is below. Apply
online at  Refer to position 11079. Closing date is
May 22.

Mike Casey 
Director of Technical Operations
Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative

Indiana University

(812) 855-8090

Processing & Quality Control Specialist - PA3IT

Works in the IU media digitization facility operated by the Media
Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI) and has primary
responsibility for performing IU quality control on the output of both the
project private partner's digitization facility (operated by Memnon
Archiving Services) and the IU digitization facility. Additionally,
holds further responsibility for pre- and post-digitization workflow tasks
within the IU digitization facility including such things as managing
incoming and outgoing batches of recordings, tracking and managing
digitization workflows, and managing metadata.