Hi Stewart,

Depending on the severity of the crease, we use two techniques:

1.  Mild crease (and flat discs) - we use a self-designed suction platen.
This method is completely non-invasive, and has the added benefit of
eliminating resonances of the thin substrate during playback.  It also
makes the disc surface perfectly flat, which can improve playback on
shallow and closely spaced grooves (not uncommon with dictation discs).

2.  Severe crease - we use an Airtight Disc Flatter, a tool used to
flatten warped LPs.  It uses 2 sheets of glass with precision
semiconductor heaters attached to the glass for uniform heating.  It
operates at very low temperatures (warm to the touch) with a timer to
control the process.  Išve used this on hundreds of Audographs,
Voicewriters, and other dictation formats with excellent results.

~ Eric


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On 5/17/14, 7:40 AM, "Stewart Adam" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Are there any suggestions on how to remove creases from an Audograph
>disc?  I was thinking of
>placing them between 2 sheets of 1Ž2 inch glass and baking them similar to
>a tape.  Any suggestions
>would be appreciated.
>Thank you 
>Stewart Adam
>Creative Audio Works