> I can not speak for Bibframe, but publishing catalogs as Linked Data is
> not the primary purpose of Bibframe, this has started much earlier. "Linked
> Data" is coined as a term for an "easy path" towards Tim Berners-Lee's
> vision of a Semantic Web that can be understood as an improved version of
> the World Wide Web of today (a giant global graph with database features)
Just thought I point out that it may help OP to read

[ The Linked Data community in all its diversity draws inspiration from the
thoughts of the Web's inventor, Tim Berners-Lee. In his article, "Giant
Global Graph" 1 he expressed the basic evolution of the idea with a few apt

The realization [behind creation of the Internet] was, "It isn't the
cables, it is the computers which are interesting". The Net was designed to
allow the computers to be seen without having to see the cables. The [World
Wide Web] increases the power we have as users again. The realization was
"It isn't the computers, but the documents which are interesting". Now you
could browse around a sea of documents without having to worry about which
computer they were stored on. Now, people are making another mental move.
There is realization now, "It's not the documents, it is the things they
are about which are important". ]

 -- Arslan