We did some further work modeling holdings and replaced Holdings with HeldMaterial and the subclass HeldItem. If you look at the BIBFRAME vocabulary in the category view you will see the applicable properties under Holdings Annotation Information.


Most “Item” information is in heldMaterial. Something like custodialHistory might be applied to an Instance or a HeldItem (as in MARC it was defined in both the bibliographic and holdings formats).  Of course we want to go beyond MARC, but much thought and discussion went into this issue of at what level of description these sorts of things apply. We are open to reconsidering the range for these kinds of properties (e.g. open it up to Instance OR HeldItem).




Rebecca Squire Guenther

Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office

Washington, DC

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Subject: [BIBFRAME] heldMaterial or Holding?


Hi to all!


According to BIBFRAME vocabulary - List View, domain of the bf:electronicLocator property is bf:HeldMaterial (sub-class of Annotation).


In the BIBFRAME Annotation Model (draft, 08/26/2013) there is not a bf:HeldMaterial sub-class of Annotation. There is the Holding subclass of Annotation. 


Is HeldMaterial renamed to Holding or vice versa?


Best regards 

Sofia Zapounidou