BIBFRAME Editor released

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce that a BIBFRAME Editor (BFE) is now available from the BIBFRAME website.   This tool is a front end input tool that can be integrated with a back end datastore to create original BIBFRAME descriptions, store them, and recall them for editing.   We expect this tool to help experimenters create implementations that will test elements of the BIBFRAME model and vocabulary, in addition to linked data aspects of the BIBFRAME initiative.  We see the use of this basic tool as a component of experimental systems that YOU build and look forward to a sharing of enhancements.   (Implementers should join the BIBFRAME Testbed<>!)

The Download<> version enables implementers to take the tool, add a storage back end, adjust profiles for local needs, and create and edit BIBFRAME descriptions.  This is the primary purpose of the tool.  Please read the technical documentation before attempting to download!  The Profiles specification, which we will make available next week, is especially important if adjusting the input templates to include elements needed for types of cataloging and types of resources will be part of your investigation.

The Demo<> version supports input utilizing the current BIBFRAME vocabulary.  It does not include a datastore capability but that will be an enhancement investigated by the Library and YOU In the future.

In the next few days we will be editing a number of documents available on the BIBFRAME web site to bring them all as much in synch as possible in this R&D environment.  If you are new to the BIBFRAME initiative in general or the BIBFRAME vocabulary in particular, here are a few documents that help to understand the approach taken for BIBFRAME.   Of course the web site has many more documents including the current model, vocabulary, and tools for transforming MARC records to BIBFRAME descriptions.
- BIBFRAME website<>
- BIBFRAME Authorities<>
- BIBFRAME Relationships<>
- Vocabulary description<>

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