Your question is hard to answer because you ask whether plans might be impacted; since plans can be impacted by the whims of planners, the answer can only be given probabilistically. A better question might have been to ask if the cost or performance of LODLAM will be impacted, and if so, for whom.

However the question was asked, so I will enter TA mode and give you some lab problems that will help you answer the assignment.

1) Postulate causal mechanisms under which the utility to different agents of implementing library linked data plans would change under proposed FCC rules. For each agent and mechanism, state the expected sign and (qualitative) magnitude of the effect.

2) Under the assumptions of rational choice theory, what would have to be true for the answer to be yes? If some classes of agent would change their plans, and others would not, explain.

3) Repeat under bounded rationality. Under what assumed bounds do the results differ from above?

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Will the possible loss of "net neutrality" impact plans
for library linked data?

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