The Holdings annotation had major problems, and was replaced by "HeldMaterial", which has a subclass "HeldItem".

The replacements are still problematic, but are better than "Holding" was (there is a unique identifier defined on "HeldItem". There are still no actual WEMI Items, so there can't be a HasKey axiom (there is a unique "HeldItem" for every report of an item), but that property can be used when converting data in bibframe to a less MARC Holdings record driven model.

Apart from the two "Annotation"s, there is also Item specific metadata in places like "custodial history", which is defined on "Instance" (Manifestation in WEMI). This is a descendant of the MARC Bibliographic 561 field, which is defined to be copy specific.

BIBFRAME is primarily designed to be a record interchange format that can be encoded in RDF, which is the minimal reading of the appendix M mandate.  The model is not really optimized for direct use in a linked data environment.

There may have been revisions to the documents since the last public announcements, but development work is being done with default FOUO labeling. A more open approach might serve the Library better.


On May 13, 2014 9:27 AM, "Sofia Zapounidou" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi to all!

According to BIBFRAME vocabulary - List View, domain of the bf:electronicLocator property is bf:HeldMaterial (sub-class of Annotation).

In the BIBFRAME Annotation Model (draft, 08/26/2013) there is not a bf:HeldMaterial sub-class of Annotation. There is the Holding subclass of Annotation. 

Is HeldMaterial renamed to Holding or vice versa?

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Sofia Zapounidou