Thanks to whoever at BYU has quickly restored the 700 fields that Charles Croissant said were missing from OCLC 853452562 (and removed the 240).  Further questions remain as to (1) whether subfield i was omitted from these fields as an option decision or as a matter of policy, and (2) where the phrase "contains (expression)" is documented. 


A word of caution.  It's easy, when working with this record, to overlook that it describes a two-volume set.  If like me you have only one volume in hand, you might wind up deleting fields that should remain in the master record.  And if you then replace the master record, you'll degrade the quality of the cataloging.  Anyone wishing to describe just volume  1 can use OCLC 9789042927520; for volume 2, 853444030 is available.  Both can use a little further work.


Sincerely - Ian

Ian Fairclough

George Mason University

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