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For those that use it, the BL Guide to RDA Name Authoritiy Records, in the RDA Toolkit, has been updated. Some revisions result from the April 2014 RDA update; others clarify issues that have arisen since the last major update of this guide.


The BL Guide to RDA Name Authority Records can be found in the RDA Toolkit at http://access.rdatoolkit.org/wka1881.html


or by going to:




    Global Workflows

      BL Guide to RDA Name Authority Records


At the end of the Contents is a link to a section that lists and describes the updates, which relate to:


Title or Other Designation Associated with the Person

Period of Activity of the Person

Undifferentiated Personal Names


Type of Corporate Body

Date Associated with the Corporate Body

Collective Conference Name Authority Records

Special Coded Dates - General

Special Coded Dates - Corporate Names

Other Attributes - Corporate Names

Relation between 368 and 1XX Qualifier

Address - General

Relationships between Pseudonyms

Relationships between Personal Names and Corporate Names



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