Hi Ian,


I just updated the FAQ. Thanks for the notification.


I reworded #20 as follows:


20. Is it true that PCC members may no longer create new undifferentiated NARs, or add new identities to existing undifferentiated NARs?


Yes. As of November 2013, PCC members may no longer create new undifferentiated personal name authority records, and may no longer add new identities to existing undifferentiated personal name authority records. See DCM Z1, section 008/32, for current PCC policies and instructions.


I deleted #21 since it is covered by #20 now.




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PCCLIST readers,


This page


has two FAQs which I think are no longer applicable:

20.  Is it true that undifferentiated name authority records are only created for personal names?  (Answer: "Yes. …"  But I think it should now be "Not any more".)

21. Where can I find instructions on creating an undifferentiated personal name authority record? (Answer: "An undifferentiated personal name is called for by AACR 22.20 and by LCRI 22.17-22.20 (RDA as a last resort after all the possible additions to a new personal or to an existing personal name to break a conflict have been exhausted….")


What I was actually looking for on this FAQ page were instructions for handling NARs for which only one identity remains.  Actually, this page was the first one retrieved with a Google search "naco undifferentiated".  The second one is what I wanted:


Perhaps the FAQ page can be updated.


Sincerely - Ian


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