Can you point  us to more guidance about treaties (and other legal materials?) and how the changes from AACR2 to RDA should affect them. I remember you sent a  message last fall that indicated that we should wait to do any catalog maintenance.  


Are there any ‘best practices’ for the legal community?


Thanks for any help,


Mary Charles Lasater

Vanderbilt Univ.



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The  name of a series is not the kind of "collective name" of a compilation of treaties referred to in RDA or  It refers to a small  group of related treaties that are referred to by historians or others by a collective name.  This is the same as under AACR2 25.16.  A series such as the Executive agreement series should not have the dates of the treaties added to the authorized access point.  Please don't do this.  Otherwise we'll have chaos with every treaty series.



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