As I mentioned before, I'm working on a discography of Old Time Radio
programs released on lps.

There's something odd I keep running into with Dave Goldin's Radiola
releases, particularly the later issues that date from the mid to late 80s.

On some shows, there's an odd momentary "warble" in the sound.  It most
often crops up in shows that have some surface noise and I've heard it on
both the lp and cd versions of the albums.

I was wondering if this was some type of early digital click removal
software or hardware and what it might be.

I tried making an mp3 of one of the shows, but the compression seems to
gloss it over and you can't hear it very well.

I'm wanting to note shows in the discography that have this odd "warble",
but I'm not sure how to refer to it.

It seems to have been used selectively on major scratches - it's not an
artifact of broader digital noise reduction like CEDAR.