On 6/16/2014 1:58 PM, Hooyenga, Susan Marie wrote:
> You and Randy are right, the topic has changed.
> And Richard, you've reminded me of Brian Eno's use of a typewriter in "China My China," in his album, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy).  It starts around 1:45:

The Beatles had an alarm clock in the middle of "A Day in the Life".

Still in the realm of pop, Otis Redding's last record, "Sittin' on the 
Dock of the Bay" had the sound of ocean waves. So did Donovan's "Song of 
the Naturalist's Wife".

And of course there were car horns on "Summer in the City".

A phonobomb, though a faint one: in the field recording "Far in the 
Mountains, v. 4", there's the sound of a rooster crowing in the back of 
"The Airishmen [sic] Learning to Talk".