I didn't know that. See, if I hadn't been told, I could go on thinking DVDs
sounded good! But I agree with the comparisons. We are in a much better time
now for release formats - if they are treated right. A big if.

Over the weekend I caught up on some concert recording jobs, several of
which go out both as mp3 downloads and CDs. They may never listen to the
discs, because inconvenience. The sessions are 24/96 through post, so it's
sad. At least I get to determine how the files are made, rather than however
folks might rip tracks from a CD.

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By the way, 320kbps is near the resolution level of DTS or Dolby AC3 movie
soundtracks on most DVD discs. So it's not _that_ crappy sounding, at least
to my ears. For instance, way better than Dolby B mass-duped cassette tapes,
much better than warped/paper-thin/shabbily mastered LPs from record clubs
in the 80s. Strictly one man's opinions.

-- Tom Fine