I have just heard from a friend in Seattle who has come across a collection of CDs that is special and rare. The collector was subscribed to some European service that sent live recordings of opera on CD as they were performed, and there are perhaps 100 boxes of them! The owner passed away and they want to clear the house, and these are a major thing they want to move out...

He wrote:
"She has characterized the thematic emphasis of the two collections (CDs and books) as being:
Music: Classical, Opera, Rare, Jazz, Musicals
Books: Old, Sci Fi, Mystery, GLBT, Historical (Plays, Musicals)"

Can anyone put me in touch with someone who might be interested? They may get thrown out if nobody wants them. Details are vague at the moment, but my friend will go take a look and let me know something of what is there - but it has not been cataloged, so that will need to be done...

Any interest here?

Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio