As I said in my first post, the collection has not been cataloged. One person here has expressed interest offlist and I have put them in touch with the parties.

All the information I have on the contents is this:

>> "She has characterized the thematic emphasis of the two collections (CDs and books) as being:
>> Music: Classical, Opera, Rare, Jazz, Musicals
>> Books: Old, Sci Fi, Mystery, GLBT, Historical (Plays, Musicals)"

So it needs to first be examined, removed from the basement, then cataloged and hopefully archived! Wish I had the time and resources to do it!

My friend in Seattle just happened to meet the one who has it, and the topic of music came up, and she said she is trying to clear the deceased collector's house for the family.

Perhaps there is an object lesson here that anyone with a substantial collection needs to catalog it, so it doesn't end up in a dumpster or thrift store to be dispersed willy-nilly...
Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

On Jun 8, 2014, at 7:01 AM, Roger Kulp wrote:

Any live recordings of symphony orchestras?