Do people ever use dual-conversion online UPS's for the purpose of power-line isolation for audio equipment?

The power is constantly going to the battery and running off the battery being reconverted back to AC.  Thus isolating the equipment from any fluctuations from the power mains.

It's what I use for my computer room servers, and so far (knock on silicon) I haven't lost a power supply yet.

Depending on the size they can produce some heat and noise (from the fans cooling the rectifiers, etc) but if someone's considering rewiring an entire house/studio perhaps an online UPS would work as well for less investment, maybe in a nearby closet, etc.?  Not an electrical engineer so can't really compare the power they're outputting to the other options mentioned, but seems like it could be a reasonable alternative if power-line isolation is a serious concern.

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> I'm with Lou about powerline hash. You guys with troubles might want to swap out some of the "high end" components and see if they are faulty designs at high prices. In the professional audio world (where good gear doesn't come all that cheap, as a matter of fact), proper shielding and grounding are a given and otherwise the gear acquires a bad reputation. A properly grounded and shielded piece of equipment should reject powerline and RFI noise completely. I also question whether some "high end" cables are the problem? I never noticed any technical tests with the "reviews" of the fancy wires, and manufacturer claims are mostly rooted in hooey rather than science, with any semblence of scientific proof rarely provided.
> Bottom line, a modern audio system shouldn't need a crazy dedicated power plant unless there are regular fluctuations in power line frequency and regular spikes and dips in voltage. I'm not underestimating the incompetence of power companies, these situations are definitely possible. It's also possible to have insurmountable hash, for instance in a space shared with an industrial welding company. But it's not a common problem.
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>> Ya know, when I sit in my van listening to music, I use the car stereo, not the garage hifi. Besides, how can you use the garage stereo when it is raining and the windows are up? And if it is raining in your garage, close the washer lid.
>> But what would I know. My entire system including computers runs on a single outlet, and never a noise I don't want.
>> <L>
>> On Jun 19, 2014, at 7:11 AM, Shai Drori wrote:
>>> You guys are way off. You need to have your repair man make the spin cycle go only counter clock wise in the northern hemisphere. Gheez, do I have to teach you everything?
>>> Shai
>>> בתאריך 19/06/14 1:05 PM, ציטוט Carl Pultz:
>>>> I've tried fabric softener to enhance liquidity, but I prefer the real thing - EL-84s. Seriously, I have a home-brew tube amp for a system in the garage. It's nice to have reference to old-school hifi sound while having Benchmark/Bryston/Raal-Accuton modernity too. Reinforces what the guys were saying on the Headroom thread.
>>>> On 06/18/2014 10:21 PM, Frank Strauss wrote:
>>>>>> And with an extension cord snaked to the basement, the computer reaches
>>>>>> another dedicated line. In the laundry room. I came to this in stages,
>>>>>> having done the single circuit to minimize differences in chassis potential
>>>>>> idea for ages. That may be the ticket for tube systems. On my SS gear, this
>>>>>> sounds much better, particularly with the computer plug change. Only
>>>>>> problem with that is the soundstage gets unstable during the spin-cycle.
>>>>> ​Hi Carl-Have you thought of trying different detergents?​  I can't play an
>>>>> lp during the spin cycle.  I'm trying to get my wife to take the clothes
>>>>> down to the stream and beat them with a rock.
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