Tom--I think that there are a lot of interesting things that I have heard
will be possible: exposing the Library's bib data to the web, linked data,
perhaps some FRBR/RDA/BIBFRAME solution to the multiple versions problem
(Expression level holds?), but everyone seems to be in silos.  Discussions
of RDA just got past jokes about retirement (except from those who
retired), and BIBFRAME is now there.  Our ILS sends people to meetings, but
until it's customers can speak with a semi-unified voice, it doesn't know
what direction to go.

I always figure that BIBFRAME will still have a cataloger and a workform,
but I don't know what the transition to this workform will look like.  If
it looks like this example that I've stolen from Karen Coyle (, it's going to be a rougher
transition than it needs to be.

{"items": [
 "lcCallNumber": "PR4567",
 "dftag_0359": "(DLC)   50005760",
 "creator": [
 "lccn": "   50005760 ",
 "dftag_040c": "CarP",
 "title": "The adventures of Oliver Twist.",
 "label": "_1",
 "instance": "instance_1",
 "uniformTitle": "obj_2",
 "dftag_040d": "DLC",
 "type": "WorkRecord",
 "id": "work_1",
 "dftag_040a": "DLC",
 "subject": [
 ] }]}

Truly though, I think that the system I'd be using will record my data
and make it closer to Karen Coyle's presentation for the computer
system that's accessing it.

The time that these changes take is annoyingly long to me.  We seem to
be trying to solve 2003's problems in 2014 with 2009's technology.  It
seems we might be ready in 2025, but where will the web be then?

Doug Williams

Technical Services Manager

Campbell County Public Library

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