Sending this message again as a reminder of the program "What is an RDA
Record" on June 29 in Las Vegas.

Regards, Judy Kuhagen
Secretary, Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA

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Date: Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 10:34 AM
Subject: [RDA-L] ALA Annual Conference forum - “What is an RDA Record?”
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What is an RDA Record?

Time: Sunday, June 29, 2014 - 8:30am to 10:00am

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center - S220

Presenters: Gordon Dunsire, Deborah Fritz, and Diane Hillmann

This forum will address the essential question “What is an RDA Record?" The
panel will describe the bibliographic worldview of RDA and what an RDA
record might look like outside of the MARC21 format, present examples of
RDA records viewed from within an RDA editing system, and discuss the
infrastructure supporting the management and distribution of RDA data.

Gordon Dunsire is the current chair of the Joint Steering Committee for the
Development of RDA (JSC). A cataloguer, systems librarian, and researcher
by trade, he is deeply involved in the development of RDA and related
international standards to maintain the quality of library and cultural
heritage metadata and its application in the new linked global digital

Deborah Fritz is a founder and co-owner of The MARC of Quality (TMQ, Inc.)
and is part of the development team for RIMMF (an RDA data creation tool
based on the constrained RDA elements and made available in 2011 under a
Creative Commons license). The RIMMF team has recently been working closely
with JSC and MMA to enable export of RDA records in RDF format.

Diane Hillmann is a partner in the consulting firm of Metadata Management
Associates LLC (MMA), and was co-chair--with Gordon--of the DCMI/RDA Task
Group created at the famous ‘London Meeting’ of 2007. She was instrumental
in building the original RDA Vocabularies on MMA’s Open Metadata Registry
and has spoken and written extensively about the implications of RDA in the
bibliographic realm.

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Gordon Dunsire
Chair, Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA