The development of bibframe certainly has some promise, and in theory migrating the structure of our databases to such a form is long overdue.  However, I see it as having the same sort of implementation problems that have beset RDA.

It's being developed in a top down way such that it is being imposed upon the bibliographic community without a great deal of involvement from the rank and file catalogers.  And to my knowledge there has yet to be any serious investment in the project from any ILS vendors.  Without some sense that bibframe will actually become practical to use for a standard public library it is going to have a hard time launching successfully.

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Hello. I am preparing a presentation on Bibframe for the autumn and am particularly interested in getting a general sense of what the community thinks of the Bibframe initiative and, in particular, how people see it developing and being implemented in the future. I would love to hear any views on this, especially from a wide section of the community (cataloguers, systems people, vendors, those working with linked data already, etc.). If you prefer, please feel free to contact me off-list or point me at write-ups (e.g. blog posts) that express your views. I would be very happy to receive even a brief indication of your thoughts.


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