I chuckled when I read this message this morning, because I had just been ruminating on how the Bibframe effort has seemed to me to have focused very, very strongly on MARC support and other issues that are of more interest to vendors supporting legacy systems and to smaller libraries than to larger libraries with technical R & D capabilities. I'm sure that those working on Bibframe have realized by now that no one recipe is going to satisfy every taste. {grin}

As several people have pointed out now, one particular attraction of a fine-grained assertion-centered world of description (as opposed to the coarse-grained, record-centric world in which libraries now live) is that there is much more flexibility to create different workflows and styles of service for different institutions and their different patronages.

A. Soroka
The University of Virginia Library

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> It has been said that only the needs of larger libraries with inhouse IT ability are being served.  That may be correct.  I don't see how a small library with no professional staff would be able to function in such an environment.