We are beginning to explore what we can do to theme our site. I've received some comments previously that it will take some time and some figuring out which is fine. Any suggestions or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

I notice, for example, references in the page source code to several style sheets, particularly bootstrap.min.cs and boostrap-responsive.min.css

Are those key style sheets to adjust and modify?

Also trying to figure out the relationship between pointers I see in the html code and the actual directory structure. In a normal apache configuration it's pretty simple - there is the root document directory and everything flows from that. In most cases on a linux system that corresponds to /var/www and everything inside. With Chronam I'm still struggling to figure out where it's looking for things. I notice in the chronam apache site configuration the document root is /opt/chronam/static but if I go there nothing really is there other than a robots file. I find some images directories in the /opt/chronam structure but haven't had any luck putting an image in one of those locations and having it show up.

For example, if I want to have an image at the top of our pages I'm working on the assumption that the site.html file is the key file to modify. I can put different text in there but haven't had success yet pointing to an image.

Any thoughts or guidance will be greatly appreciated.