Hello EAD-ites --

As part of the work on the revision of EAD, a group of us are exploring what aspects of EAD (tags, tag choices, attributes, etc.) would enhance discovery.  Our first step is to identify some "user stories" (or as they say in software development, "use cases") -- that is, things users would like to be able to do, in order to find what they're looking for faster, more accurately, or more easily.

So, if you have ever heard from researchers using your finding aids something like "Gee, I wish I could find X more easily" or "Wow, it would be cool if I could do X with my finding aids" or "Google does this for me, why can't I do that with finding aids?" please shoot me an email (offlist, no need to clutter up the list with this).  If you don't work with patrons directly, maybe you could take a few minutes to ask your public services staff what they've heard (or what THEY wish they could do).

Thanks --

Michele Combs
Lead Archivist
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
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