We have just learned  that Transparent Language is making its premier language learning suite, CL-150, available to all U.S.  .gov and .mil personnel.

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Language learning software intended for serious learners, instructors and language program managers is now available at no charge to all US Government personnel and programs via the Department of Defense web portal, Joint Language University.

Until now, the CL-150 was licensed for use only by Defense Language Institute, Special Operations Command, Joint Foreign Area Officers Program, and other language-intensive US organizations.

"Access to CL-150 for anyone with a .gov or .mil address is a major event," according to Dr. Donald Fischer, former Provost of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. "CL-150 has all the tools necessary to present materials, to practice language, and to track student and group progress. The folks behind JLU deserve a lot of credit and thanks for making this resource available to all government people."

The US is famously weak in language skills. In today's global environment, language deficiency significantly reduces opportunities and increases risk for US personnel and organizations. The human, operational and monetary costs of that deficiency are enormous. The purpose of the CL-150 is to improve the economics and effectiveness of language learning for both general use and for special purposes such as humanitarian relief, international relations or military liaison.

For over ten years, Transparent Language's "research based, experience driven" CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical Languages-or just "the CL-150" for short-has been developing innovative, unique capabilities and then honing those capabilities in real-world use at some of America's most stringent and rigorous language schools and programs.

"The CL-150 is serious," says Michael Quinlan, CEO of Transparent Language, "but serious is not the opposite of 'fun.' Serious is the opposite of 'pretend,' the opposite of 'useless.' Serious is compelling, satisfying, addictive."

To get the CL-150, go to Joint Language University on the web at and click on "Need an account?"

CL-150 learners and instructors have access to hundreds of thousands of learning objects, along with and a deep and broad array of learning activities for many languages and curricula, synchronized across web, laptop and mobile devices.


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