Department: Department of the Army
Agency: U.S. Military Academy
Job Announcement Number: NEBR149978891151454
SALARY RANGE: $78,361.00 to $101,866.00 / Per Year
OPEN PERIOD: Friday, June 27, 2014 to Friday, July 11, 2014
SERIES & GRADE: GS-1410-12
WHO MAY APPLY: Status Candidates (Merit Promotion and VEOA Eligibles) 

Serves as the Associate Director for Systems for the U.S. Military Academy
Library. Incumbent is the library automation, information systems and
networking coordinator for the U.S. Military Academy and leads/supervises
the technology team. Designs and conducts analytical studies of library
automation needs. Determines the feasibility and usefulness of the
technology and services (e.g., servers, notebooks, desktop computers,
commercial software packages, telecommunications equipment, electronic
storage media, peripherals, etc.) to the requirements of the USMA Library.

Develops, coordinates and monitors the ongoing evolution of the Library's
integrated library system, and other automation projects/systems with
contractors, system vendors, customer support personnel, system designers,
analysts, programmers, commercial automation specialists, USMA technology
staff, and the staff of other academic and federal libraries. Coordinates
procurement, testing and implementation of new systems and products or the
enhancements to current systems. Monitors system for impact of changes and
usage. Recommends and implements corrective action when analysis indicates
the necessity to improve performance. Monitors the daily operations of
systems to include files space, file maintenance as required; maintains
systems tables, directories, security files, and indices. Acts as the
technical coordinator for telecommunications and networking capabilities, to
provide interface with other library systems and to expand and ensure access
to USMA Library electronic and digital services. Provides expert technical
assistance in determining the most effective resolutions to users' needs and
problems. Serves as a technical expert in defining functional specifications
for and providing technical advice in the analysis of projects and
activities amongst cooperative projects. Reviews and evaluates both on-going
and proposed systems to maintain state-of-the-art capabilities, and to
assure compatibility with, and adherence to national library and DOD
automation standards. The incumbent is relied on to ensure the accuracy of
assumptions made by designers and developers, especially those who are not

The incumbent provides substantive advice on long-range planning and
determines budgeting requirements for automated systems, equipment and
services. Prepares appropriate documentation to support funding for
automated systems and services. Coordinates cooperative funding efforts with
the USMA's Office of the Dean/IETD, developing implementing documentation as
required, and communicates and coordinates with IETD. Develops statements of
work (SOW) or project specifications, along with corresponding plans,
schedules, and milestones for new software and hardware acquisition and
identifies technical approach to be employed and the services and/or
products to be provided. Evaluates vendor proposals, advising Contracting
Officers as to their viability, cost-effectiveness, and acceptability,
develops and monitors maintenance contracts. Serves as the Contracting
Officer Representative (COR) for the Library's Integrated Library System
vendor, Bibliographic utility, and other automation contracts. Reviews and
evaluates vendor performance to ensure effective, efficient, and reliable
software and optimum equipment performance. Manages and oversees project
execution and develops complex testing procedures for new acquisitions and
ensures that adequate testing is accomplished to support the evaluation and
acceptance process. Utilizes a high level of library technical and research
skills to foster awareness of trends as they will affect library automation.
May serve as the library's representative to consortia networks (such as
Connect NY, and Southeastern New York Library Resources Council) and user
groups (such as the Innovative User Group). Coordinates and meets with
vendor representatives; provides staff recommendations for procurement
actions, keeps the Library Director informed at all times of negotiated
contracts, schedules and automation developments and trends; establishes
documentation practices and develops Standing Operating Procedures (SOP's),
designs and conducts training programs for Library customers, briefings and
demonstrations of hardware and software for library staff, library users and
other personnel. Determines the need for and directs the production of
technical and administrative guides. Supports and advises military
committees engaged in developing policies and standards for automated
library information systems. Works with USMA technology staff in monitoring
and updating the U.S. Military Academy Library's automated equipment,
networks and other automated/electronic products and services. Maintains a
network of peer personal contacts at other military and academic libraries.

Supervises the USMA Library Systems Staff.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Mr. Christopher D. Barth
Librarian and Associate Dean
United States Military Academy Library
West Point, NY 10996
845.938.3833 office | 845.649.9557 mobile | 688.3833 dsn