The Stephen Low Information Resource Center at the NFATC, has the following duplicate books on global Area Studies and Religion available to Federal Libraries and Government Documents collections. These books will support Government Documents collections in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations, Departments of Homeland Security, DOD, Commerce, and State.  There is a second collection of books specifically on diplomacy and foreign relations. The links will take you to same list on WorldCat for a more complete record.  This is the 6th such list.

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Area Studies - Global & Religion
Cesari, J. (2013). Why the west fears Islam: An exploration of Muslims in liberal democracies.
Pringle, R. (2010). Understanding Islam in Indonesia: Politics and diversity. Honolulu: University of Hawaiʻi Press.
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Le, V. V. T. (2007). Politics in Francophone Africa.
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Diplomacy, Foreign Relations, Policy, Service
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