Dear State Center Coordinators:

We agreed in principle in May that we would meet on the Friday of NBF weekend to forward the digital mapping project.  The DC Public LIbrary was kind enough to offer their site for a meeting, but I have heard from Anne Boni that we can have a room in the Madison Bldg, where we will be attending the reception at the end of the day, and I think this will be a more convenient place for us to gather, either in the a.m. or p.m.

Anne has reserved Dining Room A for the day and I told her we would commit to a time slot so she can narrow her reservation to the time we actually need.

I created a Doodle Poll with a number of different options/lengths on Friday, Aug 29.  Please indicate your availability for any, all, none of the times so we can get an accurate count of attendance and choose the best slot.  (Note that our pre-NBF reception begins at 5:30 or 6 p.m. that evening as you factor in your whereabouts.  

Please follow the link in order to participate in the poll:

Content of meeting:  

I sent out notes from our Friday a.m. May meeting but have not heard back any response on them.  To get ready for the August meeting, we had agreed that we would set out the central questions in Google Drive documents and people would comment on them so we could create preliminary talking points, etc. I had hoped to get some feedback from you on my notes before creating those docs, so if you could review and write that would be great.

On reflection, however, we may want to use the time on 8/29 differently.  For example, it might be useful for us to try to bring in a speaker to talk about best practices in humanities mapping projects or invite grants officers from NEH and/or IMLS to talk with us about our project.  Since we are talking about the friday of Labor Day weekend, we would need to jump on invitations, however, and it might mean that we would be locking ourselves into the a.m. time slots since I imagine people will be anxious for an early start to a long weekend.

Hope to hear from you and -- too -- to get your RSVP (even if you cannot come) at the Doodle poll above.



Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Massachusetts Center for the Book
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