NLS Operations Alert


No. 14-45


DATE          :    June 25, 2014

TO                :    Network Libraries

FROM         :    Bob Norton, Head, Quality Assurance Section

SUBJECT   :    Network library cartridge and container labels



The DTB cartridge and container recycling contractor, ForSight, has found the removal of some network library applied labels on cartridges and containers  very difficult due to the label material, adhesive and placement. Please evaluate the labels that your library has used by removing library applied labels from a sample of cartridges and containers that are at least one year old. If these labels are hard to remove or leave an adhesive residue then they will be a problem for the recycling contractor and you must change to a removable label stock.


Libraries must use a label stock with removable type adhesive for all labels applied to cartridges and containers.


NLS has identified a label stock with removable adhesive suitable for this purpose. Label stock equivalent to Technicote stock #1095 Polyester CP Matt Layflat Removable shall be used for all library identifier labels. This stock is available from:


Bay Tech Label, Inc.

Contact: Tom Gillingham

12177 28th St. N.

St. Petersburg, FL 33716



This is a polyester label with a removable adhesive. An equivalent plastic label and adhesive can be used. If an equivalent label is used, samples and specifications must be sent to NLS Quality Assurance for evaluation and approval.


To ease label removal, as of this bulletin, libraries shall place labels directly onto the existing NLS labels where possible.  Below are examples of where labels can be located (libraries should use their own name and address or 4-digit code).


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When labeling cartridges and containers the following rules apply:


1)    Direct marking (i.e. permanent marker or rubber stamp) on cartridges or containers is not permitted.

2)    NLS bar codes shall not be removed or covered.

3)    Book cards or other written material shall not be taped to the inside of the container.


When returning material to ForSight for recycling libraries must ensure that:


1)    The four-digit network library code shall be present on 44-containers sent to ForSight.

2)    Book cards or other written material shall be removed before returning.

3)    Library green cartridges and containers (grey, yellow, etc.) are not returned to ForSight.


For further information contact

Bob Norton

Head, Quality Assurance Section

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