NLS Operations Alert




DATE          :    June 11, 2014

TO                :    Network Libraries

FROM         :    Bob Axtell, Head, Bibliographic Control Section

SUBJECT   :    Forms for locally produced books



A new record conversion form and a revised completion notice are available for network libraries who list their locally produced titles in the Union Catalog.

The revised completion notice now includes a field for the DBC book numbers that will be used for network books on BARD. The field for the regional library book number remains on the record and network staff should continue to enter that number on the form. The completion notice will still be used to report non-BARD digital talking-books and braille books as well.

Other revisions to the completion notice include more directions and examples for filling out the fields and drop-down lists for BARD subject headings. Libraries can use their CMLS code in lieu of their full name in the producer field, providing they are the producer of the book being reported. These changes should enable quicker processing by network libraries and NLS.

The new record conversion form has been created for libraries who wish to convert existing cassette audiobook records or non-BARD digital talking-book records already on Voyager to BARD digital talking-book records.

The completion notice and request form are available on the Selected Forms page of the Network Library Services website.

Network libraries may request ranges of DBC book numbers from the Bibliographic Control Section once they have begun the network books on BARD pilot and thereafter.

For more information contact:

Bob Axtell

Head, Bibliographic Control Section

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