On 30/07/2014, Tom Fine wrote:

> Previous Roger posts, when he replies to others' posts, seem to omit
> line breaks, or are using a non-standard character for line breaks
> which most of our e-mail readers do not interpret as line breaks. 

I looked at one of Roger's mails. The line endings are (in Hex) 3D 0A,
which is "equals sign", "line feed", rather than the more common
"carriage return", "line feed" (Windows) or one of them only (other

So there is something funny about the text editor he is using.

He also tends to quote the whole thread, which displays as a solid block
with lots of the usual "greater than" marks to show quote levels.
Perhaps the editor is awkward to use.

> See
> my previous trouble-shooting ideas for Roger. I suspect, somewhere
> along the line, non-standard characters are getting into his e-mails,
> and these non-standard characters then confuse standard e-mail
> readers. For what it's worth, his "jammed together" messages look the
> same in MS Outlook Express and in the browser-based mail client used
> by my ISP, which I use to check e-mail accounts when I am travelling.
> I sympathize with Roger, because this is a silly problem that is
> likely a geek-level computer thing that "civilians" shouldn't have to
> deal with.
> -- Tom Fine
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>> Dear Roger,
>> FYI, your most recent list posting was received in conventional
>> format, not
>> the "squeezed together" text that certainly has been seen on your
>> earlier
>> posts.
>> DDR
>> On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 11:58 AM, Roger Kulp
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>> wrote:
>> I don't like to post here much anymore.Between getting removed every
>> couple of weeks,and having ARSClist reformat my emails by squeezing
>> all the text together into one indecipherable blob,it's pretty much
>> taken all the fun out of it.I post here once every few weeks to see
>> if the formatting problem has been fixed,and it never is.No one else
>> seems to have this problem.Before I leave for good,could someone
>> tell me why ARSClist does this,and if there is something one of us
>> can do to fix this problem. Roger
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