I note the publications listed below, relating to world music.

Is anyone familiar with these and able to provide a brief overview of their
scope, content, strengths and weaknesses???

The first two focus on recordings, the Continuum series says it includes
discographic information, but appears to focus

on music.

Are there other significant works to be aware of ?   For example, Alan P.
Merriam: African Music on LP, is a significant

work, but limited to African Music, and recordings of the LP era, some of
which actually are reissues of 78rpm discs so

widens the time span slightly.  If there are similar works for other
regions, I would like to know about them.


Best wishes, Thomas.


PAUL VERNON: Ethnic and Vernacular Music, 1898-1960: A Resource and Guide to

Greenwood Press, 1995.  368pages.


RICHARD K SPOTTSWOOD: Ethnic Music on Records: A Discography of Ethnic
Recordings Produced in the United States, 1893-1942

Vol.1: Western Europe

Vol.2: Slavic

Vol.3: Eastern Europe

Vol.4: Spanish, Portuguese, Philippines, Basque

Vol.5: Middle East, Far East, Scandinavian,

Vol.6 : Artist Index, Title Index

Vol.7: Record Number Index, Matrix Number Index

University of Illinois Press, 1990


CONTINUUM Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World

John Shepherd, David Horn, 

1   Media, Industry, Society

2   Performance and Production

3  Caribbean and Latin America

4  North America

5  Asia and Oceania

6  Africa and the Middle East

7  Europe

8  Genres-North America

9  Genres-Caribbean and Latin America