Chris:  Yiu Are mixing up my Two messages ;-)
Seggerfest is on at 4pm Eastern time  
I was responding to Jay Bruder's about Gene DeAnna and Mart Barton on the  
Bluegrass Country show at 7pm - which has nothing to do with Seeger Fest.
BTW, the obvious omission from the guest roster is ARLO GUTHRIE    (and 
also Noel Paul Stookey)
To listen to Bluegrass Country tomorro at 7pm Eastern US time:
go to (  
There are many ways to listen to WAMU 88.5, Bluegrass Country, Intersection 
 88.5-3, and 88.3 Ocean City. 
Online - Just Click "Listen Live"
Our high quality live audio streams are available by clicking the  listen 
button at the top of the site. Choose the channel you want, then  just click 
"Listen Live." The audio player that launches will play without the  need of 
an extra audio client such as Windows Media Player or Real Player. Our  
audio player is Flash-based, but for devices that don't support Flash, the 
audio  player also renders an HTML5 player.
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Hi  Steve.

Tried the site for Seegerfest -  but
nothing came up.

Do you have a li nk please.

Thanks  -

Chris B.