What's everyone using these days (at 1-7/8 ips)?

And what do you know about Type I and II BASF test tapes that I have 
here in my hands that call out IEC 94 (Prague 1981) parts 1 & 2 and DIN 
45 513 part 7?  I'd sure love to see those specs.  I will put in a 
request with Cornell (who doesn't have them) for an interlibrary loan if 
I don't scare some up here as I hope to.

I also have Nakamichi DA09001B (20 kHz), DA09002B (15kHz), DA09003B 
(10kHz), and DA09005B (400Hz); STL Cat #26 Mfg 91/101 3180/120usec; and 
other azimuth and speed tapes.

There is a cassette sized piece of paper separated from test tapes also 
noting that tape was recorded to 1976 DIN 45 513 Teil(?) 6 
standard...and so it has no high frequency boost to compensate for 
playback head gap size loss that is noticeable in combination 
record-playback heads.   There is also a warning on the paper about 
magnetization and how to determine heads need demagnetization. Perhaps 
this paper came with the STL tape noted above?

Already starting here, BTW:

Best wishes,


Karl Fitzke
Audio Engineer
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Road
Ithaca, NY 14850


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