Hi Karl:

Do you know the history of this tape? Was it made in a rain forest or some other extreme 
environment? Maybe stored someplace very humid for some period of time? I'm wondering if there was a 
reaction between the slip sheet and the tape, which caused salt crystals to form.

My suggestion -- carefully scrape off some of the white stuff, and keep the slip pad. Then, 
carefully clean the outside of the tape pack with isoprop and re-shell the tape. Then, make your 
transfers. My bet is, the tape will play just fine. There might be some crud on the heads or, more 
likely, the pinchroller.

Separately, get one of your Cornell colleagues to do some chemistry research on the white stuff you 
scraped off. It would be interesting to know exactly what it is, and hear a chemist's speculation on 
what produced it.

-- Tom Fine

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