Indicating Mr. Shapiro did, indeed, have good taste.

If you've never heard this album, I highly recommend the recently-reissued MONO version, which 
highlights the ensemble playing much better than the wide-spread, better-known stereo version.

A question I've pondered about this album -- is its popularity from Day 1 partially related to the 
fact that side A was mastered slightly off-speed (due to a slow-running 3-track machine at the 
original session)? This pitch error was not corrected until the second CD reissue, and has carried 
forward since. There are fables (not told to me first-hand) of jazzmen straining their chops trying 
to play along, figuring Miles would play out of tune only "on purpose."

-- Tom Fine

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> For those who, like myself, did not recognize the record number [CS-8163]
> (which I had to look up), it is the 1959 Columbia issue of Miles Davis' *Kind
> of Blue*.
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>> Hello all,
>> I wanted to report that long-time ARSC member (but not on the listserv as
>> far as I recall) Burt Shapiro died over the weekend at the age of 68 in
>> Baltimore.  He was a very close friend of mine and had a wonderfully varied
>> taste in music and recordings.  His fondness for one particular LP was
>> reflected in his car's license plate number - CS 8163 -- which some of you
>> may recognize.  He was also a well-respected film critic and will be missed
>> greatly by those of us who knew him.
>> Gene
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