While people are capturing manuals, may I suggest that the following be 
captured. I would prefer capture and local hosting as opposed to linking 
to this site as I'm nervous about what "unlimited" means these days 
having had Hostgator slap my wrist for distributing orchestral 
recordings that I made to orchestra members. They said it appeared to 
them I was using the space as backup, which I wasn't.

(a) I have many duplicates of what Tom has, but neither the site 
nor mine has everything.

(b) There are other assorted manuals at
username: manuals
password: reference

(c) A good deal of documentation on the Sony APR-5000 and APR-24 series 
of tape machines is available at

(d) Some information of possible use on Studer products is available at

(e) Finally, I don't know if this will be "permanent" but I would 
suggest capturing the entire site of Studer manuals. I have.
I don't know if I'd repost these, but rather link to them, but if they 
disappear then you'd have your own cache.

There are many other items of interest available online, but for who 
knows how long. One that comes to mind is the Bell System Technical 
is a massive collection of both technical and business publications. I 
have no idea how long that will stay up or who is behind it. I think 
it's private.




On 2014-07-25 6:30 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> There are many more Ampex manuals and schematics here:
> Most of them were scanned by me and are hosted by my friend Paul Kraus.
> LOC is welcome to copy files to their server or link to Paul's server.
> This is the most complete Ampex manuals collection that I know of.
> Also, if someone from the LOC wishes to send me a hard drive, I am happy
> to share my _many_ gigs of scans of ye olde audio manuals, schematics,
> literature, etc. My only caveat is that all material I provide must be
> made available to the public, online. This same offer applies to any
> legitimate not-for-profit organization willing to sign a commitment to
> host the material online and make it available at no cost to all
> internet users.
> I also have many paper files and old magazines, most of which I will
> never have time to scan. LOC is welcome to _borrow_ material for
> scanning, provided the scans are made available to the public in a
> timely manner.
> -- Tom Fine
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