Hello everyone,

I am game to hear anything anyone cares to share regarding how dedicated 
their computers are to audio and/or video workflows, i.e. how 
comfortable you are doing one and/or the other on any one computer, and 
why?  Do you install and run a minimum amount of software on any given 
DAW (or partition) or have you had good experience installing all kinds 
of applications and perhaps even running various apps at the same time?  
For example, someone just asked for Microsoft Office on his audio DAW 
here, something we have historically avoided.

Things I've got in mind:

The value of NOT running any other app than the one in use to capture, 
edit, or export (bounce), reserving all possible CPU power and I/O time 
for that alone.

Wisdom of not mixing audio and video apps on one computer partition, 
because one may sometime require a different OS version than another, or 
hardware drivers.  Other potential interference?

Timing and bandwidth of Networked vs Local External Firewire drives vs 
Local Internal for working storage.  Some level of RAID protection being 
required regardless of the approach.

Agreeing with Chris Lacinak's paper on Interstitial Error, I believe 
that no matter what we do, it is smart to assume it will occur from 
time-to-time, and so it'd be great to avoid it is as much as practically 
possible and be able to detect when it has occurred as soon as possible.

Please share what you will, on or off the listserve, thanks!

Best wishes,


Karl Fitzke
Media Engineer
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Road
Ithaca, NY 14850


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