I've been using the new stuff with similar success.  It's available at 
Walmart, at the check-out counters.


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>I did a similar joy a few years ago- would you believe duct tape? and 
>used Ronson lighter fluid on a cue tip, oh so gently applied.

Searching for Ronsonol lighter fluid, I see that it has been discontinued,
although some vendors still claim to have it in stock.  I also see that its
formulation changed in 2010.  Old Ronsonol was 100% naphtha -- same stuff
you can buy in a pint or quart can at your local paint store.  New Ronsonol
is different, although maybe not much different.  I don't like "maybe" when
I'm working on old tapes, so I just use naphtha.

The best info I found is in a forum for guitar techs, because it seems they
use it to clean guitars:

-- John Chester