I downloaded this onto a CD and played it through my living room  stereo.  
Wow!  You did a bang up job!
Don Chichester
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One of  the nicest place to celebrate our nation's birthday is the Ausable 
Club in St  Huberts, NY.

The club holds a  massive public fireworks show each year, allowing the 
riff-raff such as I to  spread 
blankets on their lush golf course and enjoy a Grucci-style  extravaganza 
of explosions and light. 
This year, I brought my Zoom H4n  recorder. This file captures the last few 
minutes, including the 
massive  finale:

the  cannons are about front and center. The initial explosions are 
overhead, with  a first echo off 
trees and buildings to the right and a long wave of echo  to the left as 
the airwaves rush down the 
valley and over Lower and Upper  Ausable Lakes toward the lower slopes of 
Mt. Marcy, NY's  rooftop.


-- Tom Fine